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Scout combines artificial intelligence and human intuition to fill open positions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional recruiting tools.

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Simply send a job description for each of the positions you need to fill and we'll get started.

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We find great people.

Our sourcing technology and team of professional recruiters identifies highly relevant talent matching your needs.

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Easily contact candidates.

Quickly message candidates with a single click using our pre-made, personalized email templates.

Save countless hours by letting Scout find the best talent. Save thousands of dollars by contacting candidates directly without using a recruiter as an intermediary.

Robust Candidate Profiles

We gather candidate background information from multiple sources, including Scout's proprietary database, and create easy-to-read profiles highlighting the most relevant aspects of a candidate's skills and expereince. We notify you when new candidates are available for your review, & send gentle coaching throughout the recruiting process to help you get to a hire.

Direct Candidate Communication

Personalized emails are sent directly to candidates from the hiring manager or HR team, greatly improving the likelihood of a connection. Candidate responses go directly into your inbox.

Slack and Applicant Tracking System ("ATS") Integrations

We built a Slack integration to fit into your team's collaborative workflow. Anyone on your team can view, contact, and send feedback on candidates directly in Slack. We also provide ATS integrations to ensure ease of use.

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