Fetcher Expands ATS Integrations

New ATS integrations creates better workflows for recruiters

February 3, 2022


At Fetcher, we understand the need for seamless connection between your favorite hiring platforms. Each of your tech tools has its unique purpose, yet they should complement one another – like the components of a thoughtful, well-balanced meal. They’re separate but work together beautifully.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the addition of new applicant tracking system (ATS) integrations with Fetcher. Now, more teams can sync their ATS with Fetcher, which means more tools working together to make your recruiting data more connected and managing your candidates easier.

The below ATS are now available to integrate with Fetcher:

Oracle Taleo
SAP SuccessFactors

If you’re currently using Fetcher and any of these ATS, you can now have candidate info automatically pushed into your ATS. That means you’ll have a better picture of each candidate’s progress in the funnel, and a clearer picture of your overall pipeline for open roles.

These new integrations are in additon to our existing partnerships with Lever, Greenhouse, and SmartRecruiters.

One of our goals is to continue to build on these integrations, to give more teams the ability to combine their sourcing and outreach efforts with the organization of their ATS.

“I was very excited to work directly with our customers to test their actual use cases with these integrations. It’s always incredible to see someone using Fetcher to make their job and life easier, and hopefully these new integrations will make the recruiting process even more seamless.” - Hillary Ross, Senior Product Manager

The Fetcher team is consistently working to make the easiest, most efficient, and most loved recruiting platform. If you’d like to learn more about Fetcher and how we can help you hire top talent faster, request a demo with our team!

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