Right person, right job, right time

“Hiring the best is your most important task.” -Steve Jobs

While hiring great people is critical to the mission of most organizations, sourcing talent is not a core competency for many companies, independent of size and resources. Moreover, the vast majority of people you want to hire are usually employed, so they often cannot be found on job boards or in hiring marketplaces. As former founders and hiring managers ourselves, we learned firsthand how these factors resulted in unnecessary frustration and a misuse of our time during critical periods for our companies.

Given this reality, the precious task of hiring is often outsourced to third party recruiters with exorbitant fees (20–30%+ of first year salary), and incentives that are not necessarily aligned with the company they are representing. This incentive structure often leads to overly aggressive recruiters whose style and approach turns off the same candidates they were hired to attract.

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The recruiting industry, a growing $120 billion industry, thrives despite low customer satisfaction. Google search results on 2.21.2017.

Alternatively, companies can keep their talent sourcing processes 100% in-house, but that requires countless hours of research to find qualified candidates and a means to directly connect. As you might imagine, this option is often prohibitively time consuming. As a result, a lot of companies outsource the function, which has led to a ballooning $120 billion recruiting industry riddled with bias, bad actors and broken processes.

Enter Scout, the smarter, faster way to hire

Our mission at Scout is to make it fast, easy and fun for organizations to find the right person, for the right job, at the right time.

Scout is an expert recruiting assistant that gives you sourcing superpowers without super-sized costs. Our talent Scouts use AI to unearth the candidates whose talents, interests and experience best match the needs of the job saving you dozens of hours. We share the best candidate profiles in batches of 10, and we solicit feedback on each candidate refining the AI so that your results improve with each batch. We then make it dead simple to connect directly with these candidates and we integrate with most applicant tracking systems as well as Slack to keep your teams organized.

Looking forward

We launched Scout quietly 10 months ago, and the customer response has given us confidence that we are addressing a universal need in a meaningful way. We are humbled to be working with over 60 amazing companies ranging from stealth startups to Fortune 500, including Sony Music, Lyft, DigitalOcean, AppNexus, and many more.

As we launch publicly today, we want to extend a huge thank you to our employees, customers and investors who believed in our team and our mission from the start, and took a leap of faith in supporting us.
We hope to make you proud.

Andres Blank, Chris Calmeyn & Genevieve Lydstone

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